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Dear Sarah,

Colin here, I wanted to write to you because I didn't get a chance to see you today or the last time I was filming to thank you so SO much for the BRILLIANT meals you created for me!! I absolutely loved the carrot burgers (would love the recipe!) And also the celeriac puree (how did you make that? It was delicious!!). And I LOVED today's meal so much also!! You made the tofu absolutely perfectly and the sweet potato puree was fantastic (again, how did you make it taste so good?!!). And asparagus is a real favourite of mine too!
I'm really sorry I didn't get to thank you in person but I really really appreciate you going to the extra trouble of making these perfect meals for me, I can't tell you how happy it has made me and I feel so lucky to have had you working on his film, you are great!
I also want to say I hope everything is ok with your family and I hope that you have been able to take some time to spend moments with your family at this time of loss, please do take time for yourself when you can.

So thank you so much once again and if you get a chance to send me some recipes I'd really appreciate it!

Sending you much love!

Some of out happy clients include De twaalf Callboys, Nachtwacht, Van Vlees, The Loft, De dag, The Team,  Courreur FC De Kampioenen, Happy Prins, Eigen kweek, Bevergem, Bouncer, Bronks, Geub, Albatros, Ducobu, Duncklestad, Les Rivières pourpres, Piegée, Rookie, De Slimste Mens, Kursk, Mandy, Lisa, Hostage, Hidden Assets, Zillion, Opera, Before we die, Arcadia, Skunk, Noice, Knock Out, Copple next Door, State of Hapiness, Truly Naked, Nonkels, David
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